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Asbestos Inspections, Testing & Consulting Services
Safe Environments offers a range of efficient services to assist in the identification, assessment and awareness of asbestos in workplaces, commercial properties and residential homes. No matter which services you require we can tailor a solution for you, including:

Asbestos Identification, Inspections & Surveys
A Safe Environments asbestos consultant can conduct a thorough inspection of your building: identifying asbestos containing materials, generating a report to local and national requirements and compiling an asbestos register. We remain up to date with asbestos legislation so you’ll have all the information you need to comply with your workplace health and safety (WHS) obligations.
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Asbestos Testing & Analysis
Safe Environments can carry out asbestos testing and analysis to identify the presence and type of asbestos in certain materials. Our consultants can collect a sample onsite, or you can deliver the sample to our Sydney facility for testing. We also provide onsite air monitoring to quantify respirable fibres present in the environment.
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Asbestos Risk Assessment
A Safe Environments asbestos consultant can carry out asbestos air testing to provide a detailed quantitative risk assessment or on priority assessment algorithms outlined by the UK Health and Safety Executive.
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Asbestos Control Measures
There are a number of asbestos control measures that can maximise safety in the workplace, including annual asbestos audits, contractor management, developing safe systems of work, labelling asbestos materials and asbestos awareness training. Safe Environments can provide an action plan containing tailored advice for your organisation.
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Asbestos Removal Audits
Although Safe Environments does not carry out asbestos removal, we provide inspection and auditing service to ensure that asbestos removalists are following safe work methods. We provide inspections of enclosures to assure the integrity and prevention of the release of asbestos fibres. A Safe Environments asbestos consultant can also conduct reassurance and clearance air testing following asbestos removal to ensure the space is safe to re-occupy.
Ask us about Project Management for External Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Re-Inspection and Management
Although it would be ideal for all workplaces to be free from the presence of asbestos, this may not be feasible in all circumstances. Safe Environments provides asbestos re-inspection and management tools to assist in minimising the risks of asbestos hazards in the workplace. Asbestos Management Plans (AMP) clearly outline appropriate responsibilities and processes in order to control the material in the environment, providing a schedule for asbestos inspections, asbestos air monitoring and asbestos risk assessments.
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Asbestos Emergency Procedures
It’s crucial to have emergency procedures in place if a building containing asbestos is damaged by fire or asbestos containing materials are damaged in any way. The Safe Environments team can help to contain, measure and decontaminate the area in the critical moments of an incident, helping you to get back on track.
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